“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde.

Now it’s starting to become more interesting, isn’t it? I will push you a lot to ask yourself questions because this was the first step that helped me to transform every aspect of my life.

Remember, if you ask yourself powerful questions you will receive powerful answers. Don’t just believe me, try it for yourself.

As a coach, I often ask questions. Questions are a powerful way to allow the client to reach their own level of understanding as to what the solutions to their problems are. All the answers reside within. It is for that reason, this ARTICLE is filled with lots of powerful questions that, if delved into far enough, may result in even more powerful results that may change your life for the better. So I’ll ask you again: Are you living life or are you simply existing? This is one of the most powerful questions in the world. What do you see in your mind as the life you have always deserved? Take a break now and write it down. This is how you will know if you are living that life or not.

Taking time to reflect on this question will help you see if you are living your life or if you somehow ended up on someone else’s path. It might be painful when you get the answer, but the power behind this will be very useful. Write down the answer to these questions. Take your time! What do you feel when what do you think first when you wake up in the morning? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What are you living for? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Why are you here? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Who you really are? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What makes you happy? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are your dreams for your life? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What do you want to be remembered for? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Now that you have done this, why do you think you are living the life you just wrote about? If you are living the life of your dreams or on track to getting there, what steps did you take to get there? If you are living life simply existing, how can you start to create a change? Start today to fix it! Find ways to change everything that is making you unhappy and push yourself to live your life, the one that you have always deserved.

You may have certain obligations, such as a job you can’t quit, but do your best to arrange the rest of your life according to what makes you fulfilled. The only person that can stop you right now is YOU! Start from today and don’t accept any excuses from yourself.

Grab whatever it is you want, but remember to first recognize that you will pay a price for this freedom, for the life you want. I realised that for everything you want there is a level of investment involved. That price could be money, time, sacrificing luxuries or going out to dinner and treats in order to step into your purpose and gain ultimate happiness. You may need to give up certain people, friends or acquaintances who are holding you back, the naysayers and doubters who are telling you it’s impossible to do this or that. It may be the people closest to you — family — who won’t believe in your abilities

. Keep them at arm’s distance until you’re well on your way to getting what you want and are strong 36 Ungureanu Ionut Iulian enough in your convictions to withstand their negative views of your vision. Prove them wrong! It took me years to arrive at that point where I was able to say, “Yes! I want it and I’m going to pay for that price!” I struggled with myself, with my limits and beliefs and I didn’t have enough courage to do what I needed to do to make the necessary changes.

However, in order for anything new to come into your life, you must remove the old, and that means getting rid of your old way of thinking, the thinking that has not worked for you thus far. For that reason, I wrote this book for you, to inspire you and lead you from my own experiences. The book will help you avoid losing any more time so you can make those changes, the changes you’ve wanted to make for a long time.

Do you want to change your job or switch careers? Do it! Do you want to change your city? Do it! Do you want to lose weight? Just do it! Whatever you want to change, START from YOURSELF and everything will change with and around you. The most important thing is to act. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen. In the beginning, when I first arrived in the orphanage, it felt like a prison. For a long time everything seemed to be out of my control and for the first month I cried all the time. I told myself over and over that I would run away from there! But I still had my little sister to consider, and I couldn’t see how I would be able to take care of both of us. As it turned out, I learned more about me in that place than I probably would have to live in my parents’ house with them.

I learned how to be more organised and I worked a lot on my self-discipline. In that way, I was able to make the most of the situation. One of the best things about our stay at the orphanage was that they invested a lot in my sister’s and my own schooling and other activities such as football, theatre and social life. They saw us hungry to learn and discover more about life. I’m grateful for their insight. So, little by little I started to enjoy being there and made some new friends. I began to realise that it wasn’t that bad after all and it certainly was not like our dysfunctional home used to be! Every single day I sought to learn something new and to be a positive example to others.

The orphanage supervisors noticed that and they started to invest more in me. Because of this, I started to believe more in myself too. I began to organise projects at school and develop my skills as a leader — those skills that I already had in me. Within two years, I had great results at school and in the orphanage in general and I was an example for others. They continued to invest in me more and more. When I was 16 years old, I travelled to Denmark. I had this opportunity as the orphanage used to choose the best child and reward them for great results at school and for being a good example in everyday life.

It was my first trip ever and I learned a lot. I began to understand that there is more to life. I pushed myself to study more when others were playing, watching TV or just doing nothing. I was studying and reading books and guess what? The next year they choose me again to go on holiday. This time to Austria, which was incredible. I had never even dreamt of a holiday like that! I spent a great time there with Madalina, a beautiful soul and a very intelligent girl. I always wanted to have people around me that I might learn something from, and she was that kind of person. We inspired each other, spoke about books and love, dreams and life and it was one of the best holidays of my life. Why am I sharing this part of my story with you? To inspire you and show you that with every opportunity carries an investment. In this case, I invested in myself so much that this opportunity was offered to me. I saw that studying was good for me and might afford me a better life. I asked myself how I might become better and better.

I wanted to travel more, to enjoy more and to discover more, to meet new people and to 38 Ungureanu Ionut Iulian grow. I started to love that kind of lifestyle. The price I paid was in time and dedication. In the orphanage, every kid had a mentor and I loved my first one because she was amazing. Her name was Sorina and she made me feel so important. She’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, but she moved forward, away from her position at the orphanage, and I had another mentor, this time a man. I didn’t like him much at first and I found myself complaining all the time. After a while, we became friends, and I began to realise that Ovidiu had always taught me valuable things about life. I will be grateful to him forever. I believe now that my relationship with my father may have clouded my judgement of all men and I hadn’t given Ovidiu a chance at first. Can you see how old thinking can impair your ability to learn and move forward in life? But I wanted to find the good and learn what I could so I changed my perspective of him. It was when I changed my perspective, I really began to learn from him. If you want things to change, you must change first! When I saw how beautiful life could be, I wanted to read more books and travel more. There were times when I thought life was so beautiful that I forgot I was in the orphanage. One day, I had an idea to ask for help.

I needed some money to buy things that I wanted. I found people who offered me a job after school working for a few hours in their garden or helping them with things around their home. Within a few months, I was able to buy more books and some new clothes. I felt like the richest kid in that orphanage (and probably was). What I realised was that they all wanted to have the same things I wanted, but no one was willing to work hard to get it. They preferred to watch TV or ‘hang out’. In real life, as adults, most people are doing the same thing. They want a lot of new things, but they expect to get them with the same old actions and habits. No! Stop! It doesn’t work like that!

Take action now and do your best! You can create the life you want to live, I believe in you!

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