How I Stay Inspired And Motivated (Personal)

Hey, my friend, Ionutcoach here.

Did you ever ask yourself how to stay inspired and motivated? I know for fact this is very hard to be achieved, that’s why most people they never stop going to events or search for the truth and meaning once they discover the personal development world.

Zig Ziglar said: People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.

I believe this is true and this statement is so powerful. After many years in this industry, I got tired to go all the time around to find inspiration and motivation and I came to a point where I created my own routines and habits to keep me going and to stay inspired and motivated every day.

Self — motivation is the key.

You have to develop certain life principles and to follow them, not what other people say but what you decide to follow and how you want to live your life.

How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated? Or you are not? To be honest many people out there are not at all… and this will influence the quality of their life, poor very poor in results and achievements because they eventually never went out of their comfort zone or never start to work on their own abilities and strengths.

Here is how I managed to stay inspired and motivated:

1. I read daily — this is my favourite one. I like to learn and discover new things every day, this is inspiring me so much. Only 30 minutes a day is enough or if you can do more is even better.

2. I write daily — writing is my passion for life. Helped me to stay grounded and I never miss it. Writing stimulates your creativity and helps you to connect your heart with your brain.

3. I exercise daily — every time I want to change my mood I know I need to warm up my body and to make some moves, to increase the blood flow and to influence my brain to realise different hormones to make me change my mood and how I think. I recommend it in the morning, every morning minimum 15 minutes if you can do it more.

4. Connect — this is my strength I love connection offline and online. Whenever you can, just connect, this will help you to grow so fast, don’t push it to let it come naturally. Many people talk but very few connect. Become a who connects.

5. Plan and organise — I don’t like to do it much but is very useful and all the time I do it, I get so inspired and motivated. Very important to know what you are up to and what's coming next on your way. Do it short term, medium and long.

6. Walk in the park — this habit I developed since I moved next to a small but very beautiful park, every time I do it — I love to connect with nature and I get automatically inspired.

7. Watch a movie — every week I choose carefully a movie to inspire and motivate me in life and business. This helps me to relax and let go at the same time.

8. Networking — You have too if you want to stay updated. Here I met people who inspire me and lift me up. We need this if you like it or not. Is a must if you want to learn how to stay inspired and motivated.

9. Cooking — I love cooking and not many people know this. Even if I am tired after a long day, I will cook a delicious meal, help me to calm down and is inspiring me to live a healthy lifestyle.

10. Quality time — I put so much value in this. I love having quality time with my son Isaia at the kid's zone, in the park or simply home playing in the house, building lego or watch cartoons. In life quality time for me come first, after my son, family and friends. Even in business, I apply the same principle.

What are your ways to stay inspired and motivated? Let me know your thoughts will be happy to hear from you.

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