Don't waste your pain - use it to help others.

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Don't waste your pain - use it to help others.

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This week I want to talk to you about pain, and to make it special I will share with you what I been learning about the pain during my treatment in the hospital in the last couple of weeks.

Do you like to feel pain?

Be honest! Most likely the answer is no.

Your pain could be physical, mentally, emotionally, no matter what kind of pain, all of them are coming in your way to teach you something.

Are you ready to pay attention and to understand what exactly is the message of the pain you feel right now in your life? Could be a frustration, disappointment,

loss, you may feel lost or broke, alone, sad, or something similar, whatever it is, my friend you are blessed to feel it.

It sounds a bit crazy, isn’t it?

Let me share with you what I been learning about the pain when I had to go through it in my life, the pain will never and yet I have good news for you.

I believe pain is a part of our life - what do you think? Can you choose when to feel pain or not? Not really right? Why? Because is coming when we need most to help us to grow and understand what's going on in our life. So if the pain is part of our life, what shall we do? Honestly, I came up with the first step. ACCEPTANCE. If we will not accept the pain, we will waste the meaning of it.

Your pain is your own power and strength - You may think are you serious? Well, yes! Because of your pain, you will become better and stronger than ever, remember my friend that you will grow more during your pain rather than your success. When my parents abandoned me and I was only 14 years old kid, at that moment my pain become my power and strength.

The good point is that you always have an option, don't you? You can choose to complain about the pain, the challenge, about the divorce, about the business, about the sickness or loss and guess what? You miss the point. Or you can choose to grow through all of this difficulty that brings pain into your life. So the key here is your ATTITUDE. Stay positive in any negative situation and your life will balance again.

No pain, no gain did you hear this? Of course. Do you think is always necessary for the pain?

In 99% of the scenarios, it will be a need as pain is one of the strongest catalysts for change.

My intention in this blog is to inspire you to become aware of the purpose or the message your pain is bringing you in your life right now. Even if you don't like the pain, have the faith that things will change for the better.

Accept the pain and you will see how much will help you to give birth to a new talent, a new path in life, a new you, new level in life, a new job, a new relationship, or just simply to bring you in HERE and NOW.

Today challenge:

There is always a blessing in your pain, your job is to find it, accept it and understand it.

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