Discover Life’s Best 3 Teachers: Heartbroken, empty pockets & failures

Less than 90 days left of this epic 2018. It is time to decide what you want to do with your life and how to prioritise your goals and plans in order to get the most of this year.

Hey my friend,

It is Ionutcoach here, how are you doing? hope you are having a great week. Almost end of this year can you believe it? incredible right? well, if you busy or not time will pass anyway? wrong! there is no such thing. Time is a constant, never more never less the same all day long, it depends on how we manage our resources in time.

but today I don't want to talk with you about time management I want to raise your awareness about your journey. what are the best teachers you have been learning during your lifetime? or during this year? could be many or none? you know the answer.

I want to share with you from my personal life journey what really inspired me to become the person i am today. most people see me now smiling and happy person, yes, that's true, but it wasn't always like this. here i want to share with you my best 3 teachers I had in my life:

1. Heartbroken - as I grew up in a poor and dysfunctional family often my heart was broken, again and again, as a child, I had so many emotional traumas, as an adult I had too, guess what? every time i was heartbroken something was build on my character. don't be scared to be heart broke, for me was and it is the best teacher so far.

2. Empty pockets - I don't really remember when I had lots of money in my pockets or my accounts. I remember instead most of the time when i had my pockets empty. no many, I was surviving. i learn so much during my hard time, and lack of money. one best thing i was gaining was a great shape of my ego. now I am humble and compassion for others no matter how much money I have one million or only £ 1.

3. Failures - i to say to my students and clients in my 1:1 session: if you don't know something you haven't try many things in life, you haven't failed enough. and 99% of my students agree with me. my friend my advice to you is: just jump and do it, it doesn't work out you learn a lesson if yes you will do it often and better. as one of my dears friends says don't go in the grave with your song in your heart let people hear it first. dare to fail my friend and the world will be yours.

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Enjoy & Share to inspire.

Love and blessings


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