3 Simple Steps To Create An Extraordinary Life This Year (2019)

My friend, Ionutcoach here. I’m back.

For sure you missed my inspirational touch, every week. This year my goal with the weekly blog is to take you on a journey of possibilities, transformation, exploration and joy.

The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

This days did you felt like you want to start new projects? New ideas? Perhaps going back to the gym? Or starting that diet again? Or simply you design again your new year resolution?

Take it easy my friend I am with you. I have been there and I’m doing this every beginning of the year. What you do is great, the intention is powerful but is not enough. ACTION will change everything.

In this blog, I want to inspire you to focus on fewer tasks but to become more productive and to achieve better results. Here are my 3 steps for you:

1. Start with WHY – this is the most important step towards anything you want to do in your life or business. By asking yourself this question you will triple the results and it will give you more meaning. “Why” is the foundation of everything you do. Take time to understand it properly and will help you to save so much time and money.

2. Start with the END in mind – Setting goals is great but here most people make a big mistake, as they focus on the goal only, they miss the end results, that’s why is very important to STOP anything you do and focus on the end results of what you want to achieve or do or to become. Remember that if something can’t measure it you can’t change it or make it better. So from now on my friend develop this attitude of having a bigger and better picture of your goals and plans for the future.

3. Start AGAIN – hey, don’t worry about how many times you have failed, I know many people do but by doing so they stop from growing and moving forward with their life. My friend no matter what start again the gym, diet, a new relationship, new job, new you. There is no reason not to follow your HEART. OK? Come on I believe in YOU, I want you to believe in yourself and do it again and again until you will make it, is just about a matter of time and determination, keep going make the rest of your life the best of your life not only this year.

I remember myself when I started to raise my standards and to live my life, my way, was dramatic, hectic, so much pain and frustration to get out of the comfort zone, to accept and to learn new ways to live my life but my friend you know what? I will do it AGAIN 100 000 times, no regrets at all.

I used to say if I can do it, YOU can do it. What’s stopping you? Who said you can’t? or why you should not try to make an extraordinary 2019 and to change your life forever?

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Make it happen.

You can do it.

Your friend & coach


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