10 Practical Habits To Turn Around Your Unproductive Morning

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

- Bruce Lee

How many times you woke up in the morning and you wanted to go back to sleep? Or how many times your alarm was ringing, and you wanted to dismiss it? Or how many times you just woke up, but you felt you don’t want to do anything?

My friend here is IonutCoach and today I want to talk to you about productivity and how to achieve more by doing less. Does it sound good to you?

Don’t worry about answering my questions… I know the answer I been through so many times and sometimes I end up doing so, it is okay until is not a part of your daily routine or your fix habit, okay?

Where is the problem with waking up early do you what you have to do? What is your personal challenge? What is stopping you from achieving what you want in your regular day by day basis? Why most of us experience so many unproductive mornings during the week?

My friend, I have the answer for you: there is nothing magic or secret about it, it is so simple to explain is all about two most important aptitudes:

SELF DISCIPLINE and your ATTITUDE towards that day.

Everything starts here… if you are not good enough to implement empowering habits in your daily routines to keep you going, sooner or later you will crash, you will end up PROCRASTINATING almost every day. Once you get here, many other things like stress, frustration coming up in your life.

I have the solution for you: Here is how to turn around an unproductive morning in one of the best you ever had.

Are you ready?

I used to say so many times that small things make a big difference, and this is true for everyone. Everything you want to achieve or accomplish must be measurable, visible and tangible in order to stimulate your senses and empower you to achieve your goals during the day, and most must be connected to an emotion to give you the meaning of fulfilment

Let’s go. Here I shared with you my routines to help me to turn around any morning that I can’t manage as I want:

1. Get your TO DO LIST ready from the night before.

2. Set up your ALARM for at least 7/8 hours of good quality of sleep.

3. Go to SLEEP no later than 11 PM.

4. Don’t eat anything after 9 PM.

5. EXERCISE within 30 min from the moment you wake up.

6. READ for a minimum 10 minutes.

7. WRITE, this habit will help you to stay focus and be organised.

8. CONNECT with your lovers, family, friends, inner circle.

9. DRINK a lot of water.

10. Set up your GOALS for that day and achieve them.

Now you don’t have any more any excuses. Maybe you already practice some and you want to learn more or maybe all is new for you. Give it a try, don’t just believe me. Push yourself to learn new skills and habits every day.

Enjoy and share to inspire.

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Live. Love. Dream is all we must do.

Speak soon

Your friend & Coach


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