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Hi, my friend,

How are you doing today?

Welcome to my planet of inspiration and motivation. I created this planet (my blog) with the
intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people all over the world to always strive for
a better life and success no matter what their circumstance.

My Inspirational and success story

My life started with a difficult childhood living in a very poor family in Romania where I had
to overcome adversity and many personal difficulties.
I became an orphan at the age of just fourteen when my parents abandoned my sister and me.
As a result, I became financially and emotionally responsible for us both.
This was a lot for such a young person to cope with and the years that followed brought
feelings of fear, rejection, low self-esteem, poverty and social integration. My life could have
taken a number of directions at that point, easily following the path of poverty and alcoholism
of my parents.

Although traumatic and confusing at the time, I now look back on these times as the
foundations that helped shape my youth and my destiny form the man I am today. Without
the series of events that unfolded, I would never have met the people who mentored me and
helped me realise my potential through encouragement, kindness and support.
As a result, I was able to change the course of my life and submerse myself in my education
which bought its own opportunities of travel in Europe. I met my mentor and coach in Italy,
he helped me a lot to believe in myself and to make the rest of my life the best of my life.
Slowly confidence increased, my ambition grew stronger and my reason for living became
clear –to become someone who would help others, and be there for people that needed help
and support like I had.

Today I work as an Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Coach and Leadership Mentor,
transforming the lives of others and helping them to see the potential in themselves and the

others around them with a view to living a happier and more fulfilling life and the most
important thing to achieve real results in all areas of their life.

The aim of my blog is to help you realise that you are in control of your own mind and that
each of us we are unique with unlimited potential just waiting to be realised. The key to
unlocking that potential is through self-discovery, training our minds to think differently and
overcome any life obstacles that we face in a positive and meaningful way.


My Mission

I am on a mission to coach, motivate and inspire the entire world. I’m on the mission of
creating next leaders generation.
My soul mission is to inspire and motivate you to understand WHO are you and WHY you
are here. I can help you to find and create your LIFE PURPOSE, MISSION and VISION. I
can guide you step by step towards your DREAMS and GOALS. I decided to EMPOWER
people to live a better life, to fight for their dreams, to BELIEVE in their self, to achieve real
RESULTS and to live life with PASSION.


My vision

I believe in YOU. I believe that we together can live in a better world. My vision is to live in
peace and harmony, to raise the world and to bring awareness about ONENESS. I want to
believe that we can make this world a better place if we start from our self to make the change
we want to see in others.


Do you know your values?

Our values guide us and help us to make our decisions. That’s why is so crucial to know
what is important for us in this life.
The problem is that most of us we don’t really know our values, we don’t have clarity and us
don’t know why we do what we do because we don’t have a priority of our values.
Here is one example of my personal values system and you can make your own list from


Family – I am a family man! For me family is the most important value in this life.
Love – everything I do, I put love into it! Love is my religion. I believe that love is the most
powerful force on earth.

Passion – I live life with passion. Passion is so important to me, I think that if you find your
passion you will give meaning to your life.


Personal growth – this is one of my favourite values. I chose to grow and learn every day, I
decided to be a student of life.

Friendship – would you like to be your own friend? This is the real question if you want to
know how good you are as a friend. For me, friendship is like family.

Freedom – this is so important, in all areas of your life. Most of us we are in our mind as a
prison, but the freedom is always there. Chose it!

Gratitude- I cant live my life without gratitude now. I am grateful for my life every single
day, for my past, present and future.

Travel – this is one of my values that make me so happy. Travelling is one of the best ways to
live our life. Don’t believe me. Do it
Health – this is a rule, health is the most important aspect of our life, without health we cant
do anything else. Focus.

Nutrition – I just developed an interest in the last few years and I find it so interesting. We
are what we eat every day.



Did you enjoy? Did you got inspired? What you gonna do next?
You have a story too and I am sure it’s special. Stand up and chose to share it.
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Speak to you soon.

Do your best and
Live. Love. Dream

Love & Light


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